viernes, 2 de diciembre de 2011

“It was a fleeting fantasy”

“It was a fleeting fantasy”

It was a fleeting fantasy, imaginatively recreated by a dreamer mind.
The reality was a different way of life, hidden from the eyes of the blind.
Emotions playing in the ends in an Cachumbambe always in opposite sides.
In between, the duality of the privileged observer in its center abides.
A one-way in the street that gives meaning to life in your destination.
The move one born in a virtual picture painted by the talented of imagination.

Up and down, right and left, a search without finding any direction.
The fictional way to fool yourself out there, fate of the perdition.
Feeding power was the way back to their source of Eastern wisdom.
Technology was a bright cold advance of extreme unwisdom,.
Advances to believed Western and its ego,  come of envy manipulative.
The survival prevailed over reason in their false lies, adaptive.

Sensitivity was the answer to the prayer recited over the heart.
True friend is always honest and true in its essence, wise sweetheart.
Everything and nothing, nothing and everything, are now only be accept.
Retrieve the joy of the feelings banished, forgotten and unkept.
Reencounter of peace that expands naturally as watercourse.
Give without expecting anything, is the eternal faith and is the best resource.

Osho Junior… 03/12/2011… 04:14…

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